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Packaging –
Product Specific
Vapor Barrier

Crating –
Custom Wood Crates
ISPM-15 Export Compliant Crates
Turnkey Crating Solutions
And much more!

Cargo Insurance –
Full Coverage Cargo Insurance
Limited Coverage
Used Machinery & Electronics

Pickup & Delivery –
White Glove

Shipping –

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The Benefits of Working with a Freight Broker

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In the event your organization does a great deal of freight shipping, there are different reasons why you ought to consider employing the services of a Freight broker, instead of having to deal with the trucking company yourself. Since freight services are usually a bit costly, you need to ensure that you are getting the best deal available, and are selecting a company that will be available and ready to answer any inquiries that you may have, and also help you to get the best available price. Some of the major reasons for employing the services of a freight broker is the that they have business familiarity, access to the greater and better deals, and that you will just be dealing with one individual rather than several companies which may be troublesome. Each of the above benefits is explained below:

Familiarity with the Freight Business
One of the major reasons why you ought to think about using freight broker is the way that they are going to have a vast scope of experience in the business, which is going to lead to an understanding of the business you’re in. It can be exceptionally difficult for you to arrange a successful Freight deal in case you have never managed these companies before. Another advantage is that by using a freight broker with access to lots of diverse businesses with which they can arrange with, they can help you to secure a better deal. Likewise, they can direct you to the best Freight companies that are going to profit you, in your current circumstances. The Freight shipping quotes in most cases tend to be better than those that you as an individual can possibly find.

Access to the Best Possible Deals
Another great benefit that comes with employing the services of a freight broker is that it gives you access to all the best deal available. Since in their business brokers have dealt with so many different shipping companies, they are able to tell which company will offer the best deal and which won’t they can also advise on the companies whose costs will be lower and which won’t. The connections between the freight services and the brokers can help you obtain a special deal. Access of the best deals available will help you maximize the profits as you will be cutting on costs. It will also ensure that the shipping services you get are high quality.

Only One individual to Deal With
Lastly, a freight broker helps ease the amount of people that you will need to deal with as opposed to dealing with various customer representatives for each company each and every time you need to employ your freight services. This will help reduce the time needed to complete a deal and therefore increase the number of deals that one can make. By employing the services of a freight broker, you will obtain opportunities to deal with companies that you have never dealt with before and this may avail a chance to obtain shipping services at a lower cost.

Therefore, it is a fact that the benefits that come with using a freight broker cannot be ignored, therefore, the next time you need a shipment, you may want to consider a freight broker.

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Shipping Safety Regulations for Preventing Courier Damage

Posted by mohsenmoridi on Monday Nov 3, 2014 Under shipping

Courier damage can irritate anyone. To secure your cargo from losing or damaging and to ensure the safety of your valuable items in a cargo, you do several viable things.

Here are 10 shipping safety regulations for everyone who want his/her courier to arrive the preferred destination as it was at the time of departure. Check them out and get inspired:

1. Load Distribution: While you pack your cargo, make sure that its centre of gravity (the main weight of whole cargo) is as close as possible to the centre of the container. Failing that, the risks of getting your cargo damaged while handling and shipping gets higher. Exactly make sure the centre of gravity falls just below the geometric centre.
2. The Check List: Create a checklist to ensure timely check in and check out for your cargo. From the time it leaves to the time it arrives, do everything according to list to ensure a safe arrival.
3. Theft: Who knows while traveling several miles of several countries, someone from the transport chain might find it valuable and steal anything expensive? For a safety from theft, bring best safety seals to the cargo. Simple strips can be good for inexpensive cargos but if there is something precious, more sophisticated seals like, electronic seals, bolt seals, and others are much better options.
4. Moisture Control and Ventilation: The cargo is likely to travel a number of miles in a number of distinctive climates. As a result, change in relative moisture and temperature will certainly take place in the container. Therefore, do not forget to do every feasible thing, to minimize those effects on the cargo. You can look for distinctive packaging techniques to keep everything perfect.
5. Temperature Control: In several shipping safety regulations books, there are endless methods giving the information for how to ship the temperature sensitive cargos. Make sure to grab the knowledge of every possible ting about that from either highly qualified government bodies or the books issued by reputed shipping line experts.
6. Tight Packing: Try to manage the movements within the container simply by adjusting the cargo tightly. It is safe until it remains stuck the ground but on the first road-bend, bad packaging can cause lots of damage.
7. Cross Contamination: That is a possibility too, the odors of others cargos can make your cargo smell nasty. Even yours can do that too, so make proper arrangements to avoid such cases.
8. Dangerous Goods: As per the stats, around 10% of the containerized shipments worldwide are of hazardous nature. A ship loaded with 2000 containers is likely to comprise of 200 dangerous things. Therefore, the dangerous goods are better to packed and handled just as the government regulations. Inform properly about the contents of the cargo to ensure proper care and handling
9. Check the Recipient Side: Avoid sending cargos to your recipient’s premises because if the courier service does not deliver it to your recipient’s doorsteps, the cargo might get misplaced or stolen. Keep track of everything before sending the shipment.
10. Give Recipient Full Details: Let your recipient know exactly what your container look like so that if a wrong package is arrived, he or she can return it before unpacking. Sometimes mistakenly, you can experience this.
The knowledge of shipping safety regulations is extremely important to avoid any unexpected experience. Make sure you do follow all the necessary safety regulations for a safe shipment of your cargo in the concerned address. You might also seek expert advices for clearing your any further doubts.

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How To Ship Large Containers- Factors To Consider

Posted by mohsenmoridi on Wednesday Oct 1, 2014 Under shipping

Whether it is a car or other bulky goods that you would like to transport overseas, one thing for sure is that shipping a large container can really be a hectic process if you do not plan well. Many shipping companies will always give you the option of how to ship your container the methods that you will be offered are different hence the choice that you make is important to ensure that your goods reach safely. Outlined in this article are some of the factors that will assist you when deciding in on how to ship large containers.

Factors to consider
The first step is to know the type of goods that you would like to ship. For instance, whether they are perishable or durable. Shipping perishable or fragile goods needs extra care and this should be put into consideration. If you are transporting perishable goods, it is important to ensure that you make necessary arrangement for good storage facilities that will make them reach their destination fresh.

Secondly, it is crucial that you consider the condition of the container. Before you make an agreement and rent the container you should take a look in person to verify whether the container is in good condition. Ensure that you open the container and take a look around to see if there is any flaw inside it. This will assist you to decide on whether to choose it or not. It is pointless to rent defective container.

Another thing is that you should be sure for how long you will need the container. This means that you will be required to sign rental contract indicating how long you will be in need of the container. This can be one year or even as less as six months. However, if you are using it only for a short while, then the contract should indicate so.

Next, it is vital that you understand the shipping company you are dealing with. Before you approach them you should verify their past operations past and reputations. While asking them these questions, you should seek references who can tell you their experience with the company. You should not be discouraged to hire etj truck job services of a new company but extra caution is needed to ensure that they know what they are doing so that you do not end up regretting.

Finally, before you choose the company it is also important to consider the security of your goods. For you to entrust a particular company you should be assured that the security of your goods is not in question. The container should be having a lock. Moreover, it is important to check his or her background to see whether he has a clean past.

In summary, shipping goods overseas can be difficult but when planned well in advance it should not bring any problem. Some of the factors to consider include knowing the goods and ensuring that the condition of the container is alright. Otherwise, this is what will guarantee you safety when shipping of your goods.

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Our Truck Drivers Are the Best Over The Road Truckers

Posted by mohsenmoridi on Thursday Sep 11, 2014 Under shipping

Over the road truckers, our truck drivers are one of the most experienced in the freight industry in our country. They are well trained with certified licenses from the transport licensing authority. We have also trained them on various courses in different workshops on how to control the trucks and trailers that they are operating as this is one of the biggest physical challenges of the truck driving.

We have filled etj top truck driving jobs and trained our drivers very well on how to plan daily on their daily work schedule according to the current load that they are hauling thanks to staff. With rests and work breaks without interfering with the transit time that they need to achieve in order to deliver the goods to the customers in a fast and reliable manner without overworking themselves. This is because of the nature of work they do which needs a lot of passion and love for the job as they are required to work during the day and at night.

We have also trained our drivers on the road safety aspects as it is one of the most fundamental component that takes care of the driver and the goods for the clients. We have fitted out trucks with the Autosim driving simulator which was developed primarily for driver training applications particularly for the safety aspects. This system provides responsiveness and clear motion cues to the driver but not necessarily every complex movements due to driving characteristics of a particular type of vehicle that the driver is driving.

With good delivery schedules for our company we are able to keep our client contracts by providing timely services in a reliable manner with the help of our drivers who have a positive reputation.

Our company has also taken care of our truck drivers by providing them with cell phones which they can use to communicate with their family members while on transit. Through messaging and phone calls they can be able to feel relieved as they constantly keep in touch with their families.

Benefits of truck driving.
1. The drivers receive good training skills
2. The drivers are able to explore various parts of the country within a short time period.
3. They are paid to do exercises while on duty.
4. They enjoy a lot of freedom while on transit as they are bosses of their own and can make decisions to correct situations
5. They can earn while at the same time learning.
6. They are also paid to travel across the country.

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Good shipping and receiving procedures are essential for the success of a business which buys materials and ships finished goods. A business can lose money quickly if its procedures for shipping and receiving are not dedicated to total accuracy and accountability for every inbound and outbound item. The question many businesses ask and many more should ask, is how do we do that? There are steps that every business can take.

The first step is to record a bar code for every outbound shipment. The bar code should contain information about the purchase order issued by the buyer including the PO number, date it was received, requested shipping date, amount of pieces or other quantity measurement data, and the shipping method. The price of the shipment should also be included in the bar code. When the bar code is read at the shipping dock, the information is transmitted electronically to the invoice department. Based on this data, an invoice can be prepared and sent to the customer on the day the after shipment is expected to arrive. Ideally, the invoice can be transmitted electronically. If a bar code system is not available or practical, then the same information should be entered manually.

This process creates accountability for the following:

1. Proper accounting for the materials used to fill the customer’s order

2. Accountability for shipping orders on time

3. Updating the accounting system to reflect new accounts receivable.

4. Updating the inventory system5. The bar code data can be matched against the shipper’s invoice for accuracy.

The second step is entering the inbound shipments into the inventory system. Every shipment received should have bar code data which the receiving department can transmit to:1. The accounts payable department 2. The inventory control system 3. The sales department or the production department

The third step requires the shipping and receiving department to match the data on the inbound shipment’s bar code to the company’s purchase order. The purpose of this step is to determine whether the company has received everything it ordered according to the Purchase Order on file which the shipping and receiving department should be able to access. However, the packing slip should also be checked against the shipment received. If the packing slip reflects that more material is in the shipment than was ordered, then the invoice will be incorrect. If the packing slip reflects that materials was packed, but this material is not in the shipment, then the invoice will be reflect a greater cost than is justified. Also, material will be missing.

These employees should make sure that the shipment is in perfect condition, and if it is not, then the employees must have direction about how to handle the shipment. The shipping and receiving department is the first line of defense against poor quality material getting into the company’s inventory. The department employees can save the company money by controlling the quality of the shipments received.

The shipping and receiving procedures can save a company time, extra expense, haggling over quantities at a later date and better invoice preparation and invoice payment.

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